Friday, January 13, 2017

Comedian Bovi calls out a Lady for attempting to Emotionally Blackmail Him

Comedic Act Bovi, went on his Instagram page this morning and shared a photo of a woman who was trying to emotionally blackmail him in his direct messages because, according to the woman, he had snubbed her husband.
This hit a nerve with Bovi and he put her on blast. He stated that he’s “not gonna spend my life manning the gates of anybody’s insecurities”.
This is what he said:
“The above woman has been going back and forth trying to blackmail me emotionally because she says I snubbed her husband’s messages. After failing to prove that I did that or that I know him personally, I urged her not to DM me on his behalf again if she has any regards for him. She went against my advice. I suspected she would so I have our entire chat history saved. This is d tail of it. It’s the dead of the night but this woman won’t just stop….. now this is a memo to whom it may concern; it’s easier to lie against me blatantly than to guilt trip me. If you try to make me feel bad I will make you feel bad. I lost my mum exactly 12 months ago and part of my anger is that she always let sleeping dogs lie all d time. Now she’s not here to alter my temperament anymore so if you come for me, I will hug you tightly! We are all going to die someday! I’m not gonna spend my life manning the gates of anybody’s Insecurities!”